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         The Need To Know GroupTM is composed of consultants in the fields of education, mental health, medicine, law, sociology, history, literature, and technology, among other areas; and they are available to conduct workshops, seminars, symposia, and ongoing programming on a variety of topics that the consultants consider important to the social and psychological health of various communities.  Collectively and individually our consultants have tremendous experience, including working on many college campuses and in several workplace environments. 


         Using a battery of tools and a repertoire of techniques, The Need To Know GroupTM specializes in helping people view troubling social issues and personal problems within the context of a combined historical, sociological, political, psychological, legal, and economic analysis.  We probe both the interior and the exterior:  Why do we hold on to certain thought patterns and behaviors that we can recognize as negative and destructive?  What is the interplay between the powerful and omnipresent media and the individual’s ability to “think for himself or herself?”  On the other hand, who is allowed to participate in the production of knowledge – who are the producers and who are the consumers?  What are the costs and benefits of pervasive (and implicitly accepted) modes of thought?  Who (or what group) benefits and why?  Who (or what group) bears the costs?  How do we remediate without further oppression?  


The Need To Know GroupTM exists to fill profound gaps in the marketplace of ideas – gaps that encourage people to be at odds with each other and that help generate internal, external, and intrapsychic conflicts.  We provide highly informative programming that stimulates rigorous debate and challenges deeply rooted assumptions and fallacies that are often explicitly or implicitly reinforced by this society.  



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We Deliver:  "Fascinating Encounters With Knowledge."

Rhonda Sherrod, J.D., Ph.D.  

Founder and President,

The Need To Know Group


Dr. Rhonda Sherrod attended public schools in the western suburbs of Chicago.  She has an undergraduate degree in journalism from the University of Alabama, a master’s degree in English from Chicago State University, and a law degree from the University of Texas.  She practiced law in the Chicago metropolitan area for several years prior to enrolling at Jackson State University where she had her doctorate conferred in clinical psychology.  A licensed psychologist in the state of Alabama, Dr. Sherrod completed her pre-doctoral internship at Harvard Medical School before serving as a clinical fellow at Harvard.  She has also completed liberal arts graduate classes at the University of Chicago and the Harvard University Extension School.


A powerful writer, dynamic orator, passionate educator, and tireless activist, Rhonda Sherrod has written newspaper articles about education and social policy, and about Barack Obama’s historic presidency, among other topics.  She has also contracted as a speech writer and a communication strategist.  Dr. Sherrod has conducted professional development workshops for elementary, middle school, and high school teachers, presented at professional conferences, serves as a judge for the American Bar Association’s regional law student moot court competitions, and served for several years as a judge for Poetry Out Loud competitions for high school students.  Dr. Sherrod has also coached teachers in Chicago Public Schools on restorative (justice) practices.  In addition, she has administered after school and summer educational programs for youths, spearheaded academic and community symposia, and led groups designed to empower black women and enhance their ability to experience self-compassion, greater self-efficacy in various spheres, and higher self-esteem.  She has hosted a cable access program, appeared on several radio and television talk shows, and presented several lectures, speeches, seminars, and workshops before numerous groups and organizations, including the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and the NAACP.    


Dr. Sherrod is very proud of her teaching/facilitator expertise wherein she develops fascinating curricula across many domains, thereby infusing perspective, context, excitement, and a sense of community into her workshop “classrooms.”  She has taught at the elementary school level, and she has taught English and criminal justice at the college level.  Dr. Sherrod was an assistant professor of psychology at Alabama A&M University, a historically black college in Huntsville, for five years.  While teaching there, she founded and advised The Fannie Lou Hamer Literary Guild for the express purpose of encouraging her college students to read more, to comprehend and analyze information better, and to understand how having a sound fund of knowledge enhances one’s ability to operate intelligently in the world.  She was also a faculty senator, as well as the co-faculty advisor for Psi Chi®, The International Honor Society for students in Psychology and for the Psychology Club.  Among other subjects, Dr. Sherrod taught classes on counseling diverse populations, ethics, psychology and the law, counseling techniques, personality and counseling theory, cognitive testing and personality assessment.  She is also a certified diabetes educator, as she maintains a strong interest in mental and physical health education.


Dr. Sherrod contends that her success as an educator and consultant is grounded in her own love of knowledge (as illustrated by her broad-based education), her love for the art and science of teaching, and her ability to affirm and encourage students, adult learners, and professionals while simultaneously insisting on intellectual rigor and very high standards.



"Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them

become what they are capable of becoming." – Goethe 



James O. Grey, III, M.A.

Vice President for Projects Management

The Need To Know Group



James O. Grey, III, a lifelong native of Chicago who attended public schools, holds a bachelor of arts degree in political science and a master's in liberal studies from DePaul University.  He is a technology wiz who provides technological and academic project support to the programs administered by The Need To Know Group.


Annette Danzy

Administrative Assistant,

The Need To Know Group





Annette Danzy is the administrative assistant for The Need To Know Group.







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