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We offer professional development consultant services to a diverse range of clients. Some of our important practice areas are listed below.

Professional Development in Education 


From understanding the history of African Americans' quest to become educated to learning strategies and techniques for inspiring and engaging African American adolescents, we offer significant, well-researched programming and consulting expertise to help teachers develop the mindset and skill set necessary to "dislodge the brilliance" in seemingly disinterested African American students. We also specialize in assisting teachers in learning how to facilitate important, sophisticated conversations about race and social justice in the classroom, and in helping inner-city teachers process their feelings concerning dealing with "high needs" students and with student loss.  Teachers have an enormous role in our society as they prepare the next generations for personal and professional success, and it is important that they are equipped with tools that are effective for building strong, robust learning communities where every student is engaged and inspired.  We believe educators must "make learning irresistible."

Policing and Public Safety Professional Development Workshops

(Photo of Rhonda Sherrod, J.D.,Ph.D. leading a training for the Maywood, Illinois Police Department)


Policing originates in a cultural context and in many ways policing can be viewed as a sociopolitical act. Whether your police force requires short-term or long-term measures, our expert advice, grounded in a strong base of social science and legal knowledge, as well as a deep understanding of community policing, will help your law enforcement officers navigate in communities of color in a more just and humane manner.  Our Professional Development Workshops assist law enforcement personnel in developing knowledge, skills, and worldviews for more effective policing in encounters with people who are "different" from the law enforcement officer with regard to race, gender, culture, religion, and mental or developmental disability.  Also, emphasis is placed on developing awareness of one's own beliefs, values, ego strength, and mindset as they relate to policing in a multicultural setting.


Communication Strategies for Public Servants and Corporate Officials


We develop communication strategies to help public and corporate officials convey important information to their constituents in a coherent and cohesive manner. We also help solve crises by devising transparent communications that allow citizens and employees to understand difficult situations.

Professional Educational Coaching & Instruction for Busy Professionals and Groups Interested in Furthering Their Education  


We specialize in offering a range of packages created to meet our clients' intellectual needs.  We can also craft more personalized packages for clients with irregular schedules.  Additionally, we create workshops and seminars on specific topics for businesses, churches, and libraries, as well as activist, service, and other groups at a group rate or a per attendee cost. 

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