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The aim of The Need To Know GroupTM is to liberate minds, transform lives, help improve societies, and promote the deconstruction and transgression of all artificial boundaries.  We want to help uproot, examine, and eradicate destructive thought patterns, vaguely defined theoretical frameworks, and maladaptive behaviors.  We seek to make sound information and knowledge accessible and irresistible to our workshop participants.  Our quest is to engage each participant’s creativity, imagination, and intellectual firepower, as well as the essence of his or her spirit, and facilitate the participant’s movement on a trajectory toward a better understanding of self and interpersonal relationships, as well as of the complex sociopolitical dynamics that each of us has to navigate.



In our workshops and seminars, we strive to create a stimulating environment that supports self-determining thinkers.  Participants are strongly but gently encouraged to freely and comfortably articulate, express, and explore their thoughts and ideas, and to interrogate their established and internalized beliefs and operating values.  We want participants to critically examine and understand how specific concepts work at the global, national, local, and individual level and to investigate whether their modes of operation work towards their benefit or to their detriment.








          "Making Learning Irresistible."

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