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 The Need To Know Group provides a wide selection of workshops, seminars, and other didactic programming. We are a consulting firm that specializes in delivering services that are designed to educate and inform as a means of upgrading our quality of life and achieving healthier living.  Below you will find a sampling of our offerings:




Areas of Consultation 


Workshops and Seminars


Examples of Some of Our Offerings


Societal Issues


The Globalization of Female Oppression

Policing Culturally Diverse Communities 

Speech Writing and Communication Strategies for Professionals



Education Topics


Teacher Professional Development:


Teacher/Parent Interactions

The History of African Americans' Quest for Education

Dislodging the Brilliant Brain Power of Black Students

Discussing Race and Social Justice Issues in the Classroom

Trauma In The Classroom, How It Manifests, & How To Help

Educating African American Students: Making Learning Irresistible


An Overview of Restorative (Justice) Practices for Use in the Classroom

The How To Be Successful In College Workshop for College Bound Seniors

Grief and Loss Workshop for Teachers Who Have Lost Students To Violence

History and Healing:  Touching the Spirit and Soul of an Ailing Community

(This is an ongoing, year-round Black History Project for Schools and Churches)



Setting Up Parent Universities for Educational Institutions

Developing Educational Programming and Curricula (Sociocultural

Literacy Intervention Programs) for Grades 7-12 and Community College Students


Literary Guilds Targeted to Different Audiences, including Parent Groups,

Teachers, Elders, Black Women, Black Men, Adolescent Girls and Adolescent Boys



Health Matters


Psychopharmacological Education

Basic Knowledge about Mental Health Issues

Grief and Loss Concerns for Students and Adults

Diabetes, Weight Management, and Hypertension Education



Note:  We can craft workshops or seminars to meet the needs of your company, firm, agency, organization, or non-profit.  Just ask us!


We also work with and speak before other entities! 

Is your school, business, organization, church, library, recreational center, park district, senior citizen community, club, fraternity/sorority, or other entity interested in contracting for one of our Workshops or Seminars? Would you like for us to put a workshop or seminar together for your group tailored to your very specific needs?  Would you like to collaborate with us on a project?  Do you have any questions about what we can deliver?  If so, please contact us by completing our contact information form on the "Contact Us" page or call us at the number below:


Please contact us by completing our contact information form under the "Contact Us" tab above, by calling 312.273.9788 (fax: 312-273-9788), or by sending a message to



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